Beach Wedding On The Brain

What more can a girl than START TO PLAN!!!!
Oh how much fun!
But decisions, decisions, decisions!!
So, because it is Pink Saturday I played on perhaps a pinky/blush theme....
Thoughts? PLEASE!!!!!

From the dress...

To the flowers...

To cake! (we CANNOT forget the cake!!!)

Decisions are maddening!!
I mean, there are so many possibilities!!!
Couldn't I just have an endless bank account and have 3 different ones????

So my search continues, yet to colors and favors..invites and YES... THE DRESS!
Can I say YES to any one Dress?
Stick around and we will find out!


One Way to Florida Please.

Seems the folks up North are yet again getting hit with some snow...
I have to say, NOPE! I don't miss it one bit!!

I mean, why should I deal with this?
When we are usually doing this?

And the kids would much rather skate, uummmm...

Well, you know boys... either I guess would do!

Now me... no 2 ways about what I prefer to do some shelling in....

I'll let you figure out my preference!!!

In the meantime, try not to get buried too deep!
Sending warm Floridian hugs!!



Wedding Bells For A Mermaid?????

And the Gypsea Mermaid thought she was just
going for a stroll after fighting pneumonia for the past week...

If that isn't a way to make you feel better...
(although I think I got a higher fever...wink wink..)
I don't know what is!

Stay tuned!


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